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Dr Susan Greaney

Lecturer in Archaeology

Dr Susan Greaney is a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Exeter.

Susan is an archaeologist who specialises in the study of British prehistory, particularly monuments of the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. Her PhD (funded by the AHRC, and completed at Cardiff and Southampton Universities) focused on Neolithic monument complexes of Britain and Ireland. This work involved new radiocarbon dating of several major monuments in the Dorchester complex, Dorset. Current research interests include ancient DNA, middle Neolithic proto-henges and burials and the late Neolithic-Chalcolithic transition.

Prior to joining University of Exeter, Susan worked for English Heritage as Senior Properties Historian, where she researched and wrote interpretation for various historic properties. Projects ranged from an exhibition and outdoor interpretation at Tintagel Castle, to a guidebook for Chysauster and Carn Euny Ancient Villages, to being lead archaeologist and curator for the Stonehenge visitor centre, including several temporary exhibitions there.

Susan was named BBC New Generation Thinker in 2019, and has taken part in several BBC radio and TV programmes and podcasts.

Research interests

Susan Greaney researches and publishes in the following fields:

Middle and late Neolithic monument chronologies

Heritage interpretation

Landscapes and the use of 'natural' places in prehistory



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