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Heritage management of England's wetlands

Professor Robert Van de Noort

This project design sets out the context for the delivery of key elements of English Heritage Strategy for Wetlands, and thus delivering a range of objectives formulated in Power of Place and Force for our Future. Through desk-based research, some fieldwork and extensive consultation procedures, this project aims to deliver real co-operation between English Heritage and the archaeological community on the one hand, and a wide range of organisations involved in wetland management on the other to:

  • identify the most important sites and landscapes in England's wetlands, and produce an inventory of these;
    produce management plans for a limited number of type sites and landscapes and identify selected sites and landscapes to be developed as 'beacon sites';
  • pilots for interagency co-operation;
  • produce and disseminate best practice/wise use conservation management guidelines for the management of wetlands;
  • provide training to archaeologists and nature conservation officers.