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Castles and landscapes: expressions of power in medieval England

Dr Oliver Creighton

Dr Creighton is a landscape archaeologist with a particular interest in the impact of status and authority on the landscape. Drawing upon the evidence of archaeology, field survey, historical maps, medieval documents and - most important of all - the landscape itself, this on-going research project aims to re-integrate medieval castles with their settings and hinterlands.

Besides being military strongpoints and icons of medieval lordship, most castles were also working manorial centres linked to networks of estates. Many late medieval castles were embedded within designed landscapes created to enhance the visual appearance of the seat of lordship, while castle lords were also both willing and able to plan associated settlements for aesthetic and commercial reasons.

The project will result in a book that synthesises recent research on castles and their hinterlands, assessing the impact of lordship on the landscapes and townscapes of medieval England.