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Archaeology Research Seminar: "Past Worlds, Contemporary Issues: Collaborative Archaeology in the Bolivian Amazon"


The Amazon basin is a unique region, where tremendous biodiversity and cultural diversity remain relatively preserved. This notion is particularly true for protected areas and indigenous lands, where deforestation rates are lower than those outside these zones. However, such territories currently face increasing threats from agro-industrial and infrastructure expansion, which encourage indigenous societies to affirm their ethnicity and cultural expressions.

"I would like to present some initiatives of collaborative archaeological projects with indigenous communities of the Bolivian Amazon: Itonoma, Movima, Tacana and T'simane. These experiences problematize the complexities of cultural heritage and its relationship with perceptions of time and space, local knowledge and the defense of territory."

Dr. Carla Jaimes Betancourt is a lecturer at the Department for the Anthropology of the Americas at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany. Her research is focused on complex societies of the southwest Amazon, expansion and ethnogenesis processes in the southern lowlands of South America, and cultural heritage.

The recording can be found here. 

Date: 9 March 2022

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