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Our research is characterised by world-leading and internationally excellent research projects over a wide range of sub-disciplinary fields.

Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas

The Centre aims to promote the research of the department's archaeologists and their collaborators in all aspects of the Archaeology of the Americas. It also acts to engage postgraduate research students in American topics and research projects.

Centre for Human-Animal-Environment Bioarchaeology

The HumAnE Bioarchaeology Centre’s mission is to explore human-animal-environment interactions though time, using techniques from across the Arts-Science spectrum.

South Asia Research Centre

The Exeter South Asia Centre brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and postgraduate students whose work relates wholly or in part to the wider Indian subcontinent and global South Asian communities with their associated diasporas.

Centre for Medieval Studies

The Centre for Medieval Studies was established in order to encourage regular academic contact between medievalists in the University and elsewhere, to promote interdisciplinary approaches to the medieval period and to act as a forum for postgraduate teaching and research.