Experimental Archaeology in Practice 2 (ARCM102C)

30 credits

In this module you will acquire practical experience in various technologies that may be used in the development of archaeological experiments.

The module is compulsory for everyone taking a taught Masters in Experimental Archaeology. Students taking this module come from a wide range of backgrounds, from those continuing on from an Archaeology UG degree to crafts practitioners. By the end of the module you will have gained a level of knowledge and basic ability in a range of technologies appropriate to an application to the development of archaeological experiments, whether or not you have a first degree in the subject.

You will experience a range of technologies ranging from production of pottery to metallurgy There will also be opportunities to expand the normal range of subjects depending on what staff are teaching and the expertise brought to the modules by its participants. There are also likely to arise special opportunities based on outside activities in the area.

In experiments in practice, you will also learn how to apply your experiences and skills to the development of archaeological experiments, how the results of experiments may be used in interpretation and how experimental archaeology may be used as a tool in public outreach. Please note that this module is not available as an option on programmes other than the MSc in Experimental Archaeology.